Updated: Jun 12, 2020


MAY 2020

BootUP World and Lombardstreet Ventures are pleased to announce their joint launch of the Silicon Valley Italian Hub (SVITHUB) to connect top Italian strategic assets directly with Silicon Valley. Startups, corporates, investors, and universities from Italy will have access to BootUP's Menlo Park coworking space where they will gain access to unique entrepreneurship programs and a vibrant entrepreneurial community right in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Joining forces to propel Italy’s startup environment was a natural progression of both entity’s vision for the future.

BootUP believes that having a strong, dynamic bridge to Silicon Valley provides the learning necessary to build vibrant, sustainable startup and innovation ecosystems around the world. The key to success is having an entrepreneurial / growth mindset, and our new Silicon Valley Italian Hub provides the needed bridge between Silicon Valley and Italy, together with our strong Italian partner.

“Our vision when we established BootUP was to help great entrepreneurs and innovators from all over the world scale and find success”, says Mukul Agarwal, CEO & Founder of BootUP and affiliates. “We are thrilled to have the capability to provide a strong foundation for Italy here in Silicon Valley. SVITHUB is the next step in our vision – We intend to work with other countries to open their own country hub, connect key players, and fuel collaboration on a global level.”

Luigi Bajetti, managing partner of Lombardstreet Ventures, adds,"We believe that the Italian ecosystem needed its own innovation hub in Silicon Valley ... so we built it!". “We have promoted consultancy and training programs in Italy to help key people in our ecosystem understand better the logic of Silicon Valley and how to make them their own,” says Massimo Sgrelli, managing partner of Lombardstreet Ventures. "We believe that education and discussion in our country help to lay solid foundations for the opening of the hub in California".

"Together with BootUP", Luigi Bajetti states, "starting with Italy as the first element, we decided to work together to create a place born to connect the Italian ecosystem to Silicon Valley.”

BootUP is a leading global ecosystem focused on building strong, dynamic bridges between Silicon Valley and the rest of the world, helping startups scale, corporates innovate, students thrive, and countries grow through entrepreneurship and innovation. BootUP’s comprehensive startup ecosystem and collaborative co-working spaces provide a platform for success and a global network of entrepreneurs, corporates, mentors/advisors, and investors. Programs are designed by Silicon Valley thought leaders to provide the tools to inspire, ideate, build, and transform the mindsets of rising entrepreneurs. BootUP has been involved with over 110 companies that have raised more than $400 million in investments and are valued at over $4 billion.  

Lombardstreet Ventures is a Silicon Valley venture capital firm based in Menlo Park. Founded in 2016 by Luigi Bajetti and Massimo Sgrelli, the company primarily invests in companies that are in the pre-seed and seed phases of their funding. Moreover, they also provide office hours to the founders of startups, consultancy and education programs for Italian startups, hubs, and investors. It currently has a portfolio of 25 companies and analyzes more than 500 startups every year.

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