March BootCamp – Another 10 Companies Taken to the Next Level

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

BootUP, a global accelerator, kicked off its March startup BootCamp working with 10 promising startups, including: ‘PulSage’, ‘Smartster’, ‘Rescate Patagonia’, ‘Sooner Biomass Energy’ ‘Aversafe’ and ‘Uplift Investing’.  They participated in a week-long session, including pitch clinics, group sessions, and one-on-one mentoring. Mentors not only gave participants pointers on how to refine various aspects of their companies, but also coached them on how to grow their business. The five days of intensive training culminated on Demo Day, where the startups had the opportunity to pitch to BootUP’s Angel investors and receive valuable feedback to move their business to the next level.

“The one-on-one mentor session helped me to think beyond why I didn’t get an investment from a VC. Going to the root of the problem was my issue and going forward with starting companies in the future, I will adjust my pitch as I speak with different VC’s.”-BootCamp participant, Michael Kepic (THC ANALYTICAL LAB)

BootUP wants to increase the number of entrepreneurs who can make our world a better place, and we’re  determined to help entrepreneurs successfully realize their dream. Take a step closer to your dream with our startup BootCamp program and successfully unlock your future – and the world’s!

Interested in joining BootCamp? Apply to be the next batch!

Check out what CEO, Mukul Agarwal, has to say about BootCamp:

BootUP Helping Entrepreneurs Get a Leg Up Through One Week Program

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