Bridging the Software and Hardware Capitals of the World

The Hong Kong startup scene is growing and to support that growth with a Silicon Valley perspective, BootUP Ventures CEO & Founder, Mukul Agarwal, was invited by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) to visit Hong Kong as a guest keynote speaker on the “Entrepreneurial Mindset – What it takes to Succeed” at Hong Kong Electronics Fair.

Hong Kong has a key, critical feature – its close proximity to Shenzhen– the hardware capital of the world. Hong Kong is only about 45 minutes to the Shenzhen factories which produce the world’s major hardware components and products. As Silicon Valley is the global central point for innovation and entrepreneurship, one could argue that Hong Kong holds a similar position with respect to hardware.

HKTDC has been a longstanding supportive partner of Hong Kong companies, including startups. In this regard, they have launched a new incubation program called “Start-up Express,” to help start-ups build up their networks, market their businesses and attract investments. In addition, HKTDC is building a Start-up Portal, where the start-up community can connect with their peers and experts, and to work, learn, communicate and grow together.  HKTDC has also taken its engagement to Silicon Valley, where it has already hosted two Silicon Valley delegation events at BootUP Ventures. Their invitation to Mukul to experience the Hong Kong environment and share the Silicon Valley mindset is further evidence of their commitment to building this bridge – a BootUP Hong Kong is on the horizon!

There are over 40 major incubators around Hong Kong, many of which have been funded by the government.  One of these incubators is the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP).  HKSTP’s goal is to transform Hong Kong into the regional hub for innovation and technology development.  Currently, HKSTP is working with over 600 technology companies and providing them with amazing benefits for companies to expand and grow.  A few months ago, Dr. Yiu, Head of Advanced Manufacturing at HKSTP had visited BootUP Ventures together with his colleagues on the occasion of their Hong Kong Advanced Manufacturing Mission Trip to Silicon Valley.  It was a pleasure for Mukul to meet more of the HKSTP team in Hong Kong, including Peter Mok, Head of Incubation Programmes, and Wilson Chan, Senior Manager Incubation Promotion. BootUP Ventures looks forward to building a strong bridge between our two organizations.

In addition to those mentioned above, during his visit, Mukul was privileged to meet key stakeholders in the Hong Kong government, trade and business communities, including InvestHK, The Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association (HKEIA), Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), Hong Kong Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology (HKAAST), Angel Investment Foundation, Starthub Holding, Smart City Consortium, Netrove Ventures Corp and many more, including innovative Hong Kong based startups.  Hong Kong has an amazing infrastructure and can leapfrog ahead by building a strong bridge to Silicon Valley.  Hong Kong can play a very important role in moving this forward and should become very active in pursuing and creating that bridge. BootUP Ventures stands ready to build that bridge together with Hong Kong – stay tuned for BootUP Hong Kong!

Special thanks from our CEO:

It was an amazing trip to an amazing place!  Big thanks to Chris Lo, Carmen Lee, and the entire HKTDC team for putting together this amazing trip for me and for laying the foundation for BootUP-Hong Kong.  Thanks also to Basil Wai, CEO of HKEIA for taking me around to key players and entities shaping today’s Hong Kong. It was a privilege to meet Carine Pin and Alexander Chan from Mills Fabrica; Charles Ng and Jayne Chan from InvestHK; Stephanie Huang, Dr Victor Ng, Amy Wong from (HKPC), reps from HKAAST, Emil Chan and Eddie Cheung from SCC, the Angel Investment Foundation, Starthub Holding, and many more. Thank you all for the time you spent with me.  Hong Kong has an extraordinary infrastructure, very progressive attitude and tremendous potential. By bringing the Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurial mindset, experience, and startup culture to Hong Kong’s doorstep, BootUP Ventures can help Hong Kong leapfrog ahead to be a Tier 1 global startup ecosystem.  I look forward to working with all of you to achieve that goal.

To learn more, please refer to Mukul’s podcast and article:

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