BootUP Ventures Announces Partnership with SHIPNEXT

BootUP Ventures announces partnership with digital shipping marketplace and transportation network, SHIPNEXT (

Menlo Park, CA, May 14, 2019 – BootUP Ventures LLC announces partnership with ShipNext, Inc. (SHIPNEXT), a digital shipping marketplace and transportation network that automates efficient, secure, and reliable cargo-to-ship matching, freight trading, contracting and documentation processes on a single user-friendly platform.

SHIPNEXT is transforming the way the international shipping industry functions by integrating natural language processing, AI, machine learning, big data analysis, and linear programming to effectively manage the shipping of dry-bulk, wet-bulk, break-bulk, and conventional, heavy, containerized, and oversized cargo.  Leveraging a centralized marketplace, decentralized transportation network, and a distributed ledger via blockchain, SHIPNEXT has replaced decades-old technology with smart, secure solutions designed to increase reliability and efficiency across multiple systems.  The company also recently introduced its solution of smart contracts & electronic bills of lading, instant freight index, application for interconnectivity with ship operations software, e-mailing software, commodity marketplaces and trade platforms.

“With offices in San Francisco, Singapore, Odessa and Dubai, SHIPNEXT will shortly become a Google Maps-like solution for cargo transportation, which can be easily connected to any individual supply chain to generate time- and cost-efficient transportation solutions regardless of cargo type and packaging,” says SHIPNEXT’s founder and CEO, Alexander Varvarenko.

“We are very excited about partnering with ShipNext and serving as its bridge to Silicon Valley,” says BootUP’s founder and CEO, Mukul Agarwal.  “I met Alex in one of our Startup Bootcamps, and our team saw firsthand the significant potential in his vision and this technology.”

About BootUP Ventures LLC

Based in Menlo Park, Silicon Valley, BootUP Ventures is a complete ecosystem connecting high-potential startup companies with investors, corporates, mentors and talent to generate growth and scale up operations. BootUP’s mission is to identify and accelerate companies and teams that have truly innovative and scalable ideas.

More than 200 startups from 60+ countries have been part of the BootUP ecosystem. Leveraging BootUP’s network of hundreds of mentors and partners, these startups have raised more than USD 400 million in external investment and have a combined valuation approaching USD 4 billion. As BootUP continues to expand its international resources and partnerships, it remains committed to its original vision to empower and support the global community of entrepreneurs and innovators. 

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