BootUP believes that having a strong, dynamic bridge to Silicon Valley provides the learning necessary to build vibrant, sustainable startup and innovation ecosystems around the world. The key to succeeding is to have an entrepreneurial / growth mindset, and our Country Hubs provide the needed bridge between Silicon Valley and the respective country to achieve success. For each Country Hub, we have a strong local partner who is an influencer, leader, and connector in the local startup and innovation ecosystem. Working together, we ensure a seamless bridging and dialogue between Silicon Valley and the local ecosystem, culture, and community. 

For our current Country Hubs, please see below,  and there are more on the way!  

If you are a leader in your country’s startup and innovation ecosystem, please reach out – we would love to talk!


The Silicon Valley Home to Italians who think big

The SILICON VALLEY ITALIAN HUB was created to give a home to all Italians who think big. It is a space of 11,000 square feet in the heart of Silicon Valley from where to start to create your own network, to have a desk from which to work, and acquire the mindset of the area.

Our mission is to immediately connect the Italian innovation ecosystem to the Bay Area.

"Working with startups worldwide, we discovered that talent is democratic and that there is plenty

in Italy. It just needs to find the right place to express itself."– Luigi Bajetti

We have always wanted Italian startups to have a chance to win globally and to create something big. In the Bay Area, in about 100 square miles, a winning model has been coded with local custom and practice. If you learn to follow and respect them, you can do great things, and why not, even change the world.

585 Glenwood Ave, Menlo Park CA 94025  ||  +1 650 294 4820

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