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As a Startup, you have less than a 1% chance of being successful. BootUP provides an integrated set of services to unlock the full potential of Silicon Valley to increase your odds. 


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Silicon valley launch pad

Silicon Valley remains the world's top Startup ecosystem. The Launch Pad is your perfect entry point to this ecosystem. Become part of the BootUP family and utilize our Silicon Valley experience, connections and resources to succeed in unlocking Silicon Valley's potential for you. 

  • 9 months program in Silicon Valley

  • Virtual & physical office address and space, be part of our family

  • Introduction to the SV Mindset

  • Access to our staff and mentors to work on your SV plan

  • Special networking events specific to your needs

  • Mix of virtual/ physical 

  • Concrete next steps outcome


prep program

Prepare your Startup for top US Accelerators. Entry to top Accelerator programs can have a significant impact on your chances to succeed. But getting in is competitive. We will work with you on understanding what to expect and how to get ready.

  • Managing expectations - assessing the right approach for you

  • Developing the right Mindset, Message and Value Proposition

  • Honing your pitch



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